Young Artist Roster

One of the missions of the Classics Alive Foundation is to provide meaningful performance opportunities to young artists who want to pursue their musical studies. Below are Young Artist Audition Finalists who are available to perform.

Ages 17-30
Matthew Cohen, Viola, age 26
Sung Chang, Piano, age 29
Annelle Gregory, Violin, age 20
Samuel Grodin, Piano, age 29
Kayley Hannan, Voice, age 17
Ashley Hoe, Piano, age 22
Chi Lee, Violin, age 23
Anastasia Malliaras, Voice, age 23
Alexander Park, Guitar, age 23
Ashten Smith, Voice, age 24
Jason Stoll, Piano, age 28
Yabing Tan, Violin, age 25
Stephanie Tang, Piano, age 20
Micah Wright, Clarinet, age 25
Xin Zhang, Piano, age 28
Emily Zheng, Flute, age 18

Ages 13-16
Blake Berke, Piano, age 14
Sandra Bouissou, Violin, age 16
Samantha Chung, Violin, age 13
Aya Cohen, Piano, age 13
Jennifer Kim, Guitar, age 16
Kristi Kim, Cello, age 15
Elliot Kim, Cello, age 14
Jamie Kim, Flute, age 15
Trevor Le, Piano, age 14
Vincent Le, Piano, age 15
Lindsay Li, Piano, age 13
Douglas Li, Piano, age 13
Austin Li, Clarinet, age 13
Lee Liang, Piano, age 16
Anwen Lin, Cello, age 13
Siyuan Liu, Piano, age 16
Niko Mancera, Voice, age 16
Yoko Nagafuchi, Piano, age 16
Woojin Nam, Cello, age 14
Yuanzhi Qin, Piano, age 16
Kento Salazar, Violin, age 14
Brianna Satow, Piano, age 16
Victor Shlyakhtenko, Piano, age 13
Pearleen Wang, Piano, age 14
Samantha Watts, Flute, age 16
Miranda Xie, Piano, age 15
Anna Yang, Violin, age 16

Ages 5-12
Frances Barar, Violin, age 10
Zoe Barton, Violin, age 8
Starla Breshears, Cello, age 7
Dustin Breshears, Violin, age 8
Breshears Trio, String Trio, age 8
Clarisse Cao, Voice, age 12
Grace Chen, Piano, age 12
Olivia Chung, Violin, age 10
Alexander Fried, Violin, age 12
Ryan Gannon, Piano, age 12
Brandon Guevara, Violin, age 8
Lina Hisada, Piano, age 12
Mei Hotta, Cello, age 12
Sarah Krausz, Piano, age 12
Joyce Lai, Violin, age 8
Tanya Lee, Flute, age 12
Isaac Liu, Cello, age 11
Maya Masaoka, Violin, age 12
Isabella McCormick, Harp, age 9
Lawrence Mi, Violin, age 9
Kai Nikchevich, Piano, age 11
Annamarie Park, Violin, age 6
Alexander Park, Piano, age 8
Tina Phan, Violin, age 6
Lucienne Angelina Reyes, Violin, age 12
Bianca Serban, Piano, age 9
Ethan Trieu, Piano, age 12
Jaiden Wilson, Piano, age 11
Nathaniel Yue, Cello, age 8