2018 National Young Artist Auditions

Congratulations to all the winners, teachers, and parents who make this possible.

We'd also like to thank and acknowledge our esteemed judges:
   Alan Smith – USC – Head of Piano and Chamber Music Departments
   Antonio Lysy – UCLA – Head of the String Department
   Kimaree Gilad – CSUN Wind Professor

Div Category Instrument First Name Last Name Winner Place City State Teacher
A Plucked Harp Morgan Short Grand Prize Boones Mill VA Jacquelyn Bartlett
A Ensemble Saxophone Ting-Hua Liang, Ricardo Martinez, Paul Lorenz   1st Runner Up Bloomington IN Otis Murphy
A Piano Piano Christopher  Goodpasture 2nd Runner Up New Haven CT Peter Frankl
A Wind Saxophone Jonathan Hulting-Cohen 3rd Runner Up Amherst MA  
B Ensemble Piano Trio Isabella Yuan, Dianne Seo, Jocelyn Chen   1st Place Irvine CA Susan Boettger
B Piano Piano Lukasz Yoder 1st Place Los Angeles CA Roza Kostrzewska Yoder
B Piano Piano Dominik Yoder 2nd Place Los Angeles CA Roza Kostrzewska Yoder
B Plucked Guitar Maggie Grether 1st Place Pasadena CA Connie Sheu
B Plucked Harp Marina Tiffany 2nd Place Gilbert AZ Alla Yashneva
B Stringed Violin Eunice Lee 1st Place Irvine CA Cheryl Kim
B Stringed Cello Jessica Lee 2nd Place Rancho Palos Verdes CA In Kyu Lee
B Stringed Violin Megan Chang Honorable Mention Los Angeles CA Elmer Su
B Wind Flute Gabriela Beltran 1st Place Carlsbad CA Elena Yarritu
B Wind Oboe Spencer Rubin 2nd Place Woodbury NY Yousun Chung
B Wind Flute Elisha Tan Honorable Mention San Diego CA September Payne
C Ensemble Piano Dylan Iskandar, Winston Iskandar   1st Place Manhattan Beach CA Heewon Kwon
C Piano Piano Jadon Wu 1st Place Mission Viejo CA Angelica Prodan
C Piano Piano Kasper Yoder 2nd Place Los Angeles CA Roza Kostrzewska Yoder
C Piano Piano Dylan Iskandar Honorable Mention manhattan beach CA Heewon Kwon
C Stringed Violin Matthew Chang 1st Place Los Angeles CA Elmer Su
C Stringed Violin Kate Lee 2nd Place Irvine CA Cheryl Kim
C Stringed Cello Ivette Chen Honorable Mention Yorba Linda CA Sarah Koo
C Wind Oboe Daniel Choi 1st Place Hartsdale NY You-Sun Chung
D Ensemble Piano Trio Sophia Slott, Audrey Ma, Sophia Beker   1st Place Carlsbad CA Chika Wie
D Piano Piano Sophie Chung 1st Place Temecula CA Jenny Shin
D Piano Piano Eleni Moon 2nd Place Glendora CA Roza Yoder
D Piano Piano Everett Lee 3rd Place Newport Coast CA Courtney Kuo
D Piano Piano Jasper Qiu Honorable Mention Cupertino CA Jessica Wei
D Piano Piano Anson Ng Honorable Mention Dublin CA Eunsook Smucny
D Piano Piano Jonathan Doh Honorable Mention Irvine CA Jenny Shin
D Piano Piano Isabel Feng Honorable Mention Folsom CA Carol Chuang
D Stringed Violin Sarah Yang 1st Place Tustin CA Aimee Kreston
D Stringed Violin Aidan Fu 2nd Place Malibu CA Sam Fischer
D Stringed Violin Audrey Ma 2nd Place Irvine CA Chika Wie
D Stringed Cello James Lacey, III Honorable Mention South Pasadena CA Vardan Gasparyan