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Both alumnae of the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia and the Marlboro Music School and Festival in Vermont, violinist Jessica Lee and pianist Reiko Uchida have combined their outstanding background with a passion for communication, delighting listeners all over the country.

Reviews of the album "Colors" with pianist Reiko Uchida

"This is a jewel of a recording introducing a marvelous Jessica Lee accompanied by an equally marvelous pianist, Reiko Uchida. The two of them are simply irresistible. With the two of them, we sense we are in the presence of a point of view that is definitive as long as we listen. That is what the best performers achieve: they make us unaware of all other possible ways of playing the music."
Bob Neill, Positive Feedback

"It’s rare that this reviewer encounters a classical disc that sounds as beautiful as violinist Jessica Lee’s debut solo disc, Colors. In this diverse recital, Lee has chosen works that allow her to display her strengths: flawless intonation, a vibrato that is extraordinary sensitive to the emotional range of the music, and a sweet tone that is a pleasure to experience. Don’t overlook this CD."
Robert Moon, Audiophile Audition