Youth Orchestra and College Residencies Program

The Residencies Program is designed to support American youth orchestras and college music departments with a wide range of activities including discussions, masterclasses, performances, and coachings presented by a Classics Alive Artist or Ensemble. It aims to provide meaningful musical experiences as well as to impart practical information for the next generation of classical musicians.

Residencies may include any or all of the following:

- Lecture and Discussion: The "Business of Music" delves into the options facing graduating musicians today and the different paths one can take for a varied career in music. Ideas are presented regarding self-promotion and marketing. The "how to's" and "pitfalls" of finding management are included and have been very helpful for students.

- Lecture and Discussion: "Training the WHOLE Musician" from performance practice to technique, to physical and emotional well being and mental toughness under pressure on the concert stage.

- Masterclasses

- Recitals

- Chamber music coachings

- Sectionals with orchestra

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